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The first consideration for all solar installations is picking the best roof face to use for your system.
Factors to consider are shade from trees and chimineys and the conduit run from the panels to the main electrical panel.

Here we will show you details of installation by the roof type and roofs from our clients.

From our clents
  • Berman Solar Estate - 3KW Grid-Tie Solar Electric System
  • Brill Glass & Steel Solar Estate
       - 4.28 Grid-Tie Solar and 1KW pool circulation
  • Tuxford Solar Beach House - 3KW Grid-Tie Solar
  • Ryba Estate - 3 KW Grid-Tie Solar Electric System
  • Vincenti Estate - 5 KW Grid-Tie Solar Electric System
  • Tan Estate -3 KW Grid-Tie 1.2 KW Solar Water Fall 24/7 with Batt.
  • Mehlberg Solar Estate - 3 KW Grid-Tie Solar Electric System
  • Miller Solar Estate
  • Rochester Solar Estate
  • Elstad Solar Estate
  • McClain Solar Estate
  • Brill Solar Estate II - Solar Tracking Pods
  • Installation story
    The Largest LA City Installation
      SMA 225 grid tie electrical inverter for the 280KW solar PV array of 1,246 Schuco Solar Panels. A Real Sunflower!
      Clean electrical conduit bends ensure system safety and efficiency. Our experienced C-10 licensed electricians handle the fine details.
      This 280KW solar PV array is assembled with Prosolar racking, 1,246 Schuco 225 watt solar panels connected to a 250 KW grid-tie electrical inverter. The project is the first approved "line-side tap" projects in the LADWP territory.
      The project presented several unique design challenges we were able to overcome through the combined efforts of our design, construction, and engineering teams. Specific problems came with racking and roofing on 9 different roof surfaces and styles. We used a combination of steel aluminum and aluminum rail to create straight and true mounting platforms for our solar electric panels.
      ABC Solar prides itself on quality craftsmanship and design. Our crews are comprised of solid solar PV professionals and represent the talents and cultural diversity of the Southern California region. We have over a decade of design and build experience in the installation of solar PV and thermal energy systems.   We will build the best solar system on your street. Commercial or Residential.

      Clean lines and precise angles with the racking system helps ensure panels may be attached quickly for a great looking and energy efficient solar array. One of the important design considerations is the span for the solar aluminum rails. Here we see new 4" x 4" sleepers being mounted to split-the-span on all of our flat roof tilt-racks. The sleepers are mounted to the roof rafters and then hot-mopped for waterproofing. The solar tilt kits are attached with L-feet and goo.
      The fixed tilt racking on a dome shaped roof made many roof penetrations required for the panel racking system. This construction and design team faced rigorous attention to detail and assembly.

      The composition shingle barrel roof also dips slightly down the length of the solar array; however, by employing angled tilt legs and Prosolar racking, the ABC Solar installation team was able to ensure the tilt angle for maximum solar energy production by the panels. A pure South 180 degree azimuth and a 17 degree fixed-tilt.
     The 45' lateral span of the array is secured by 2 and 1/2" unistrut steel. The multi directions of the roof required queer lines below to get straight lines above.
      The mounting brackets are unisolar standard two-piece units. The available of 3" to 12" posts allowed some freedom from creative racking. Each mounting bracket is secured to the roof rafters by two lag bolts, then flashed and waterproofed.

      ABC Solar's 10 years of experience is really highlighted in the years of solar experience for each one of our team. A combined 50 plus years direct solar and many more as electricians, framers and carpenters.

    The northside of the barrel roof posed two primary challenges.
       1. Being far enough back to avoid shade contamination, and
       2. Cross supporting and bracing for the reverse tilt on the Northside of the barrel.

      Building the Best Solar System on Your Street
        We have been installing solar systems for over 10 years and have built the knowledge and team to be installing the rest of our careers.
        Our effort is to build great systems and great jobs that last. Please call us today.
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