ABC Solar Incorporated is a Solar Energy Specialist, CA License #914346, PH:1-310-373-3169, US Toll Free:1-866-40-SOLAR

Our Mission
To continually strive to provide the best service and prices for the sales and installation of solar electric systems.

  Building the Best Solar System on Your Street
    We have been installing solar systems for over 10 years and have built the knowledge and team to be installing the rest of our careers.
    Our effort is to build great systems and great jobs that last. Please call us today.

ABC Solar Incorporated
24454 Hawthorne Blvd
Torrance, CA 90505

PH: 1-866-40-SOLAR
PH: 310-373-3169
FX: 310-373-1836

Founded in 2000 and Incorporated in 2001
Founder & President:Bradley L. Bartz

California Licensed Contractor
#914346 B-General & C46-Solar


ABC SOALR is an Authorized SolarWorld Installer
As America's solar leader for more than 35 years,
SolarWorld maximizes any solar investment with proven, American-made quality, reliability and durability.
SolarWorld panels are widely recognized as the industry standard in quality
-the result of the company's commitment to research and development, quality materials and manufacturing excellence.

Click here to read more about "As an Authorized SolarWorld Installer".

The Solar Brands We Carry

ABC Solar has been designing and installing solar electric grid-tie systems since 2000.
We design our systems based on the best available solar and inverter technology.
Each roof and home requires attention to detail to maximize your solar power and potential.

Along with High Quality SolarWorld modules,
we use inverters from SMA America,Enphase,Power One, and other reliable manufactures.

Designing and Installing Code-Compliant PV Systems
- completion certificate

This training, presented by Bill Brooks of Endecon Engineering, provides an intensive overview of small-scale solar electric generation, basic system design issues and installation requirements to meet the National Electical Code. ABC Solar's President, VP Engineering and VP Sales all attended two-day this event.
Sharp Solar installation certificate

2 day course taught by John Hardwick.

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