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Installation story
  This solar farm on a rooftop features 100KW of Schuco Nextpower Thin-Film solar panels.
  ABC Solar Project Manager and Chief Installer is pleased with this solar PV project located in Pomona. On February 17, 2011 Mike was able to have the permit signed off!
  Careful with that panel! Angelo was funny on this job, with others struggling with the panels he would just lug em on his shoulder.
  The innovative Schuco racking system uses the frames of the solar modules as the rails of the support system. Each racking is in a set of 11 panels to allow for expansion of the metal during cold and hot and cold and hot.
  Solar PV panels and technologies are capable of producing significant amounts of energy even on partly cloudy days as shown here in Pomona.

- 3KW Grid-Tie Solar Electric System
3 KW Grid-Tie and 1.5 KW Hybrid Water Features , Solar 96V DC Pool Pump and Solar Thermal Panels ,
12V Circulation Pumps for 24hr water features , 1 Sunnyboy 2500 Inverter with Meter

This spectacular estate was featured in PV News, the Palos Verdes local newspaper. Read the article here.
Quoting the article, "Dr. David Berman's home may not look like anything special from the outside. Yes, the H-shaped abode is built differently than the typical 1950's rancho-style-homes of Rancho Palos Verdes, and there are a series of solar penels on the roof. But to casual passersby, it's just another house on the block..."

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