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Installation for Standing Seam Metal Roof

At first glance, it would seem that installing solar on a Standing Seam Roof would be easy.
Like all roofs, it has its good points and constraints.

Mounting Feet
These are Unirac S-5 clips that attach directly to the Standing Seam roof and creates the infrastructure to host solar electric panels. The S-5 clips are tighened with an allen wrench and are two or three per panel in each row.

The only penetration on a typical Standing Seam Roof installation is the conduit leading from the solar panels to the electrical main panel of the home or business.
The hole is drilled, flashed and waterproofed by our licensed roofing contractor.

Bolting the Solar Panels
Once the Unirac S-5 clips are laid out on the roof the solar panel team starts to attach the electrical wires and bolt the panels in place.

Enjoying the Sun During the Install
Once the solar team is in a groove the solar installation moves right along.

This system can be expanded by just adding more solar panels. The meter is spinning backwards during most of the production days.

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