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Answers to Key Questions

Rebates and Credits
In California the commerical solar rebates and tax credits are: $0.05 per kWh produced first five years per watt, 30% tax credit, 5 year depreciation schedule (on a 25 year product)

In California the residential solar rebates and tax credits are: $$0.35 per ac watt installed (SCE as of Sep.2012), A "30%" Federal tax credit.

ABC Solar handles the solar rebate paperwork. We have the experience to navigate the system and get your rebate approved.

Please remember that the utility companies HATE solar. You are a revolutionary for going solar. Be proud. The utility companies are doing everything they can to make the rebate programs the definition of wasteful redtape. ABC Solar strongly feels that having the utility companies administer these solar rebates is like having the wolf guard the chickens.

Why do utility companies hate solar? Because you will become their competition. You will no longer send them your money. You will pay yourself to the break-even point and then have FREE energy.

Why tell you about this? Because you need to know that the rebate programs are red-tape nightmares and take a tremendous amount of time to get approvals. Right now it takes more than 90 days just to get a rebate reservation. It can take up to 9 months to get your rebate check.

Why tell you about this? Because you need to know that ABC Solar is an expert at handling these rebates. We are your advocates and are very good at our job.

Why tell you about this? Because it would be great for you to call the govenor's office and get them to hire non-conflict-of-interest administrators for the solar rebate programs.

Design Considerations
ABC Solar will design your system to perform its best based on your location. Our focus is on the "look and feel" of your solar installation and its energy production. Our goal is to design systems that fit into your building.

Time-of-use metering clients -- ABC Solar takes special focus on orientation so that your solar electric system is getting the most of these programs. In SCE area Time-of-use metering can DOUBLE the value of your solar production.

Solar does not work in the shade. We are very careful about design and layout to minimize anything that will cause shade or reduce production.

ABC Solar works closely with you to find the right system for your location and budget.
We have been installing solar systems for over 10 years and have built the knowledge and team to be installing the rest of our careers.
    Our effort is to build great systems and great jobs that last. Please call us today.

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