ABC Solar Incorporated is a Solar Energy Specialist, CA License #914346, PH:1-310-373-3169, US Toll Free:1-866-40-SOLAR

  We wellcome investors

Please contact: Bradley Bartz:
Investors, Partners, and Stakeholders

ABC Solar Incorporated is open to ideas and investment from qualified individuals, companies and institutions.

According to the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act of 2012 ABC Solar Inc can offer invesment opportunities into our opertations. We like to call ourselves a 12 year old solar startup. Our business has proven its ability to educate and replicate.

We are seeking 1 million dollars in equity and or debt capital to fund our expasion that will lead to a Franchise for ABC Solar. The use of funds is slated for opening 5 new ABC Solar Stores in America. Each location will hire a manager, seller and lead installer.

We are looking for great ABC Solar Store locations.

If you have an interest in a solar business conversation please email or call Brad Bartz, President, at 1-310-373-3169.

Please see a full copy of Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act here.

ABC Solar Inc is only offering investment with the understanding that it is or will be allowed by the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act.

ABC Solar Japan KK

ABC Solar is pleased to announed the opening of ABC Solar Japan KK. This new venture is focused on connecting solar grid-tie system to collect the Japanese Feed-In-Tariff of $.053 per kWh over 20 years.

We are renting sunshine from Japanese landowners and are actively seeking new solar land opportuntities.

If you are interested in investing in Japan Solar please email or call Brad Bartz, President, at 1-310-373-3169.

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