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Solar Quick Facts by
Solar Quick Facts

  • 1kW=150kWh a month
  • 1kW=100sq.ft.
  • Cash Rebates Available
  • 30% Fed Tax Credit
  • 3kW is ~55 hours to install
  • 3kW power avarage US home
  • Solar Water Pumping is gret
  • Grid acts like a battery
  • Tracking = 25 to 40 % increase
  • Panels=25 year power warranty
  • Panels=6% to 16% efficiency
  • 4.86 h/mo. average

    Solar Environmental
    Solar Panels make energy by converting light into electricity. This is done by the power of photons in light hitting and knocking off the electronics in silicon atoms. The knocked out electrons are channeled by wires to create current. This current is then paralleled and put in series to bring a set of solar cells into the magic of a working solar panel. The magic is your solar system will save the environment and prevent the production of pollution.

    Your system will save:
    523,000 lbs of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide),   1,700 lbs of NOx (Nytrogen Oxide),   1,520 lbs of NO (Nitrogen Oxide)

          *20 years with 9kW system

    Free energy

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