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Quick Solar Facts

  • 1 KW = 150 kWh a month
  • 1 KW = 100 sq. ft.
  • 1 KW < $5,000
  • 1 KW is about 6 panels
  • Cash Rebates Available
  • 30% Fed Tax Credit
  • 3KW is ~55 hours to install
  • 3KW powers average US home
  • Solar Water Pumping is great
  • Grid acts like a battery
  • Tracking = 25 to 40% increase
  • Panels = 25 year power warranty
  • Rebates are first come
  • Panels = 6% to 16% efficiency
  • Local Governments can't stop your install

Sun Hours in California

Jan 2.9
Feb 3.3
Mar 4.7
Apr 5.6
May 6.3
Jun 6.3
Jul 6.8
Aug 6.4
Sep 5.6
Oct 4.6
Nov 3.1
Dec 2.7

The Great Solar Oven

Anything you can cook in a conventional electric or gas oven can be cooked in a GLOBAL SUN OVEN?. You can bake, boil, and steam using any of your favorite recipes.

The GLOBAL SUN OVEN? will reach temperatures of 360 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The oven will generally reach its maximum temperature as it is being pre heated. The temperature will drop when food is placed in the chamber.


Designing and Installing Code-Compliant PV Systems - completion certificate.
This training, presented by Bill Brooks of Endecon Engineering, provides an intensive overview of small-scale solar electric generation, basic system design issues and installation requirements to meet the National Electrical Code. ABC Solar's President, VP Engineering and VP Sales all attended this event.

Sharp Solar installation certificate

Residential Solar

ABC Solar has created a perfect 3KW solar electric kit for residential solar projects. Our focus on this size is for the following reasons:

  • Generates 5519 kWh hours annual estimate
  • 20 panels -- 10 plus 10
  • 3.6 KW is just 300 Sq. Ft.
  • Just 2.9/lbs per sq.ft. installed
SOLAR picture1 SOLAR picture1 SOLAR picture1

*The following is an estimate. Your roof may be unique.

System Size 3,600
No of panels 20
Size of Panels in DC Watts 180
Sun Hours (4.2 matches SCE calculator) 4.2
Electric Rate $0.35
Electric Rate Growth 5.45%
Total Installed Cost Estimate $32,428
Rebate Estimate $6,714
Fed Tax Credit (30%) $7,714
Grand Total $18,000

Annual Solar kWh production 5,519
Annual Solar Production Value $1,932
20 Year Solar Value $66,993
40 Year Solar Value $260,618
Internal Rate of Return (IRR) 14.43%
20 Year Return on Investment (ROI) 272%
40 Year Return on Investment (ROI) 1348%

Monthly Production (above left), Yearly Production (above right) , and Lifetime Production (below)

Commercial Solar

30% Federal Tax Credits, Accellerated Depreciation and CASH Rebates makes going solar profitable for any business.

Up to 15% annual rate of return!

Call for more information. PH:310-373-3169

Government Solar

Is your city leading or following?
Call ABC Solar to invite us to speak at your city events.

Speeches & Presentations

Contact  for us to speak at your event.
5 Reasons to Invest in Solar Energy - speech at the South Bay Energy Fair 2007

South Bay Energy Fair 2006 - speech at the South Bay Energy Fair 2006

Government and Not-For-Profit Solar Electric Systems - A step by step guide for cities to go solar. Presented to the City of Barstow in 2006.

Solar Hot Tub Kit

Relax in The AMAZING Solar Hot Tub

The Solar Hot Tub kit is absolutely spectacular! After years of research and enjoyable soaks in my hot tub we developed an elegant, simple all-solar-powered solar hot tub kit.

Solar Estates

We have installed systems in:
Rancho Palos Verdes - San Dimas - Torrance - Irvine - Long Beach - Glendora - Claremont - Redondo Beach - Hacienda Heights - Palos Verdes Peninsula - Napa Valley - Barstow
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This page is from ABCSOLAR Archive. Information on this page may be outdated, still very helpful and educational.