Stamped Metal Roof

Flat roofs have two basic techniques for installation: Berman Solar Estate - 3KW Grid-Tie Solar Electric System.

This spectacular estate was featured in PV News, the Palos Verdes local newspaper. Read the article here.

Quoting the article, "Dr. David Berman's home may not look like anything special from the outside. Yes, the H-shaped abode is built differently than the typical 1950's rancho-style-homes of Rancho Palos Verdes, and there are a series of solar penels on the roof. But to casual passersby, it's just another house on the block..."

Mounting Feet

As this is a new construction we start with the mounting feet at the plywood stage of the roof. The mounting feet are the primary component of a roof top solar installation. The feet are installed by a licensed roofer on all of our retrofit solar installations. The feet are mounted to house a solar rail which will then house the solar electric panels.


Waterproofing is done during the roof installation process. After the solar mounts the roof crew laid roofing paper and then did their tar/touch. Each solar mount requred the Stamped Metal Roofing Material to have holes drilled to fit the solar mount. All systmes use standard roofing penetration waterproofing materials, which includes "Henry's" and tacky tape.

Feeder Drill Holes

Once the rafters and the layout of the feet are determined we will drill feeder holes to make bolting the feet to the rafter smooter, safer and stronger. 5/16" by 3" lag screws are used per mounnting foot.

After home is alomst done, the solar Solar Rails Attach to Solar Mounts

The solar rails are laid along the solar mounts to check for distance. The number of solar panels is calculated by width or height depending on if your installation is portrait or landscape. For example, we consider the Mitsubishi Solar 185 watt panel to be 33" by 66", which is slightly bigger than their actual size to account for mounting parts.

The rails are then drilled above each solar mount and then attached with washer and bolt.

Solar Panels are Attached to the Rails

This 3 KW solar electric grid tie system spins the meter backwards most of its production day. The rest of the home is a model for green building.

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