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Christian Burke New World Record 83.04 Miles in 24 hours Run
Powered by ABC Solar in Hermosa Beach

Hermosa Beach, CA September 6, 2010 - At 3am this morning Christian Burke broke a long standing world record for running distance during a 24 hour period. This run titled is raising money for the Hermosa Beach Schools among the huge California Budget Shortfall. But, it is not the budget or the raising of money that made this World Record so amazing. It certainly was Christian Burke himself as he ran from Hermosa Beach Pier to Manhattan Beach pier over 22 times from Noon September 5th to Noon September 6th 2010. The previous world record was 62.14 miles in a 24 hour period. Christian smashed that record by logging 83.04 miles in just less than 24 hours.

The sun played a big role for this event. ABC Solar was the onsite solar power provider. The event computers, TV display, PA System, Cell phones and music were powered by 555 watts of Mitsbishi 185 watt solar panels to a portable battery array with an Outback MX60 charge controller and an old-school marine grade Xantrex DC/AC Inverter capable to 3000 watts continuous.

The sun worked great as during the week the afternoon sun charged the batteries for the world record attempt at ABC Solar new office on Pacific Coast Highway in Hermosa Beach. During the event the clouds hung in there during the entire run, reducing solar production but still producing 25% of capable max solar power. The cloud and sometimes mist conditions were perfect this World Record success. Right as Christian crossed the finished line and declared 83.04 miles as his new world record the sun broke out and charged the group, the solar system and Christian to an after party at the new Ocean Bar right up the street from Hermosa Beach Pier.

As of this writing the world record event raised over $6,000 for the Hermosa Beach School district. Christian said it best when he said, "I could have just written a check to the school, but I figured that I could use my endurance training for an event that could raise more money."

After spending much of his adult life in the corporate world, Christian Burke challenged himself to take on endurance sports. He not only succeeded but has become a world-class ultra-athlete. He has raced for weeks at a time across the far reaches of the world, running over some of the most hostile territory known to man.

Christian has had podium finishes in many of the toughest endurance events ever created, including the world-famous, desolate, mind-numbing adventure race, The Patagonia Expedition Race. He ran one of Europe's most challenging and complicated non-stop multi-day race, The Portugal XPD Race. Christian has also had victories at The EndorphinFix, North America's most treacherous 3-day expedition race and The Old Goat Ultra-Marathon, a 24-hour, 1-mile loop running race where Christian successfully completed 111 laps, setting the course record in well under 24 hours for the overall victory.

Becoming a world-class endurance runner has changed Christian's life and his world view. He has put his abilities to the test up against the grittiest endurance athletes in the world and succeeded. But in traveling the world, he has witnessed the overwhelming struggles of developing nations.

This run and raising money for the kids of Hermosa Beach grabbed major attention at its pier side booth at the annual Hermosa Beach Labor Day Fair. Christian's attempt at this world record inspired a huge number of volunteers and runners. The excitement at base camp every 45 minutes was increased by the almost continual presence of the local TV news media. Crowds of people stopped by and watched, cheered and donated to You can too. The money is tax deductable and 100% of proceeds go to the Hermosa Beach Education Foundation.

The crowd donated most of the money by simply sending a text message to: HB20222 and making sure they replied! It was fun to watch young and old pick up those star trek communication devices and send 10 bucks. There was a "I can do it attitude"that followed the progression of Christians World Record run in the sand. And, it should be pointed out that it was soft sand.

During the run a few issues came up. One was Christians feet really took a beating. The bright orange board shorts shouting on the sides looked great and was helpful on spotting him on the return. But, these shorts turned into orange chaffing machines. Besides his body taking a beating, Christian's spirit and smiles kept wowing the crowd. Even after all night running he was still able to casually chat with the local news goddesses and their professional camera men with pre-staged shots.

Each stop for Christian was a calculated refuelling team effort. A chart was kept of every morsel that was given him. Tiny ziploc bags held alvacados and other foods so he could carry and run. Christian has a store on Aviation Blvd in Hermosa Beach called Feed The Machine. I wish I could remember some of the runner junk food that he had there. You can see for yourself at The selection seemed very logical for this endurance run.

Congratulations Christian this one is now for the books as 83.04 miles in deep sand in a 24 hour period and is a new World's Record.

You can learn more about his historic run at

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