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Berman Estate Solar Chicken 3.36kw System 5kw system

"Are you kidding me? ... A rock that makes electricity!"

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3kw and Water system Solar Instollation 3kw system(Barstow) 3kw system(San Dimas)

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Solar Parts

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We feature products from Shell Solar, BP Solar, Sharp Solar and Others.

You can substitute BP Solar or Shell Solar for the Panel in the two systems descibed above.

Sharp Solar 167 Watt Panel
Shell Solar 185 Watt Panel
Shell Solar
  • 75 to 150 Watt Panels
  • 25 Year power warranty
  • Plug n' Play cables
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SMA America SUNNYBOY 2500
  • 2500 Watt ac
  • up to 3300 DC input
  • 94.4% effeciency
  • higher voltage for less wiring
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BP Solar
  • World leading efficiency
  • Market kWh/kWp performance
  • laser processing technology
  • Superior power tolerance
  • 25 year power warranty and 5 year materials and workmanship warranty
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Rebate and more information

PDF Files
CEC Rebate Reservation Forms

  • A Guide to Photovoltaic (PV) System Design and Installation
    (June 2001, Adobe Acrobat PDF, 40 pages, 365 kilobytes).
  • R1 - Reservation Request Form
  • R2 - Rebate Payment Claim Form
  • R3 - Minimum Warranty Form
  • R5 - Reservation Payment Assignment Form
  • STD-204 - Payee Data Record

    CEC Informational PDF Files

  • SCE Net Metering Overview
    To encourage small electrical customers to install environmentally friendly sources of electrical power, the State of California has passed laws to make the process of interconnecting solar or wind powered generation systems with a total installed capacity of one (1) megawatt (1000 kilowatts) or less as simple and economical as possible.

  • CC&Rs and Solar Rights
    Bringing Solar Energy to the Planned Community - A Handbook on Rooftop Solar Systems and Private Land Use Restrictions.

  • GUIDEBOOK For Emerging Renewables Program
    Publication Number 500-03-001F, December 2003.
    (Adobe Acrobat PDF file, 48 pages, 441 kilobytes).

  • Solar Schools Reservation Request Form

  • 2003 EDITION - Buying a Photovoltaic Solar Electric System: A Consumers Guide
    (March 2003, Adobe Acrobat PDF, 29 pages, 396 kilobytes).

  • Buying a Small Wind Electric System
    (February 2002, Adobe Acrobat PDF, 20 pages, 132 kilobytees).

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