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Installation for I-Beam Unique Roof

ABC Solar has an excellent talent for installing solar in unique locations
and working with special materials.

This I-Beam Solar Pool Grid-Tie Solar Electric System is a great example
of our top-of-the-line solar work.

Unistrut Mounting Structure
The first design consideration was spanning 11 feet and 10 feet between the I-Beams that used to house a roof over the pool.
The 20' unistrut galvanized steel beams allowed us to create a sub-structure to then mount our standard solar mounting gear.

No Waterproofing Needed
This structure required no waterproofing considerations.
The second design consideration was the spacing between the rows for preventing shade from row to row in the winter.

Solar Rails Attach to Solar Mounts
The solar rails are laid along the solar mounts to check for distance.
The number of solar panels is calculated by width or height depending on if your installation is portrait or landscape.

For example, we consider the Mitsubishi Solar 185 watt panel to be 33" by 66", which is slightly bigger than their actual size to account for mounting parts.

The rails are then drilled above each solar mount and then attached with washer and bolt.

Solar Panels are Attached to the rails
Brill Glass & Steel Solar Estate
4.28 Grid-Tie Solar and 1KW pool circulation

A modern steel and glass flat-roofed "pool house" designed by Grillias and Lau in 1955 is the location for an extensive solar installation by ABC Solar in 2007.
The solar installation is on the south-west corner of the one acre property, with an array of 32 Mitsubishi 165 watt electric panels in two rows mounted along the steel i-beams that act as an open-air cover for the pool. The solar panels are pointed south at a 15 degree tilt to achieve maximum summer solar production and to allow the panels to self-clean when it rains. Six of the solar panels are being routed to a DC Solar powered Pool pump that does the circulation and filtration for the pool. This 1.5HP DC pump will do 60 to 90 Gallons per minute during its solar production day.

The first consideration for all solar installations is picking the best roof face to use for your system.

Factors to consider are shade from trees and chimineys and the conduit run from the panels to the main electrical panel.

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