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Installation for New Construction

Mounting Feet
With new construction we bolt the solar mounting feet at the plywood stage for the roof.
The mounting feet are the primary component of a roof top solar installation.
On new roofs our solar panel crew installs the feet.
The feet are installed by a licensed roofer on all of our retrofit solar installations.
The feet are mounted to house a solar rail which will then house the solar electric panels.
The feet allow 2' of over run on the ends and 4' to 6' for the entire row span.

In addition to flashing, we use standard roofing penetration waterproofing materials, which includes "Henry's" and tacky tape.

Feeder Drill Holes
Once the rafters and the layout of the feet are determined we will drill feeder holes to make bolting the feet to the rafter smooter, safer and stronger. 5/16" by 3" lag screws are used per mounnting foot.

Solar Rails Attach to Solar Mounts
The solar rails are laid along the solar mounts to check for distance. The number of solar panels is calculated by width or height depending on if your installation is portrait or landscape.

The rails are then drilled above each solar mount and then attached with washer and bolt.

Solar Panels are Attached to the Rails
And we have a beautiful solar electric installation.

This is a 3KW grid-tie solar electric system and
a 1HP solar pool pump.

See more solar installation pictures here:

The first consideration for all solar installations is picking the best roof face to use for your system.

Factors to consider are shade from trees and chimineys and the conduit run from the panels to the main electrical panel.

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