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Berman Estate
(Under Construction Now)
  • 3 KW Grid-Tie and 1.5 KW Hybrid Water Features
  • Solar 96V DC Pool Pump and Solar Thermal Panels
  • 12V Circulation Pumps for 24hr water features
  • 1 Sunnyboy 2500 Inverter with Meter

  • Ryba Estate
  • 3 KW Grid-Tie Solar Electric System
  • 22 Shell Solar SP140 DC Panels
  • 1 SunnyBoy 2500 Inverter with meter
  • Time-of-Use Metering

  • Vincenti Estate
  • 5 KW Grid-Tie Solar Electric System
  • 66 Shell Solar SP75 Watt DC Panels
  • 2 SunnyBoy 2500 Inverters with meters
  • Time-of-Use Metering

  • Tan Estate
  • 3 KW Grid-Tie 1.2 KW Solar Water Fall 24/7 with Batt.
  • 28 BP Solar BP150 Watt DC Panels
  • 1 SunnyBoy 2500 Inverter with Meter
  • 4 Rule Industries 4000 GPH 24v pumps.
  • ABC Solar prides itself on designing and building unique and hybrid systems.

    We love killing watts.

    For pool owners please take your pumps off-the-grid. The pool pump is one of the primary users of electricity in your homes. By changing to a DC pump and installing about 1KW of solar electric panels you can run your pool for free and be off-the-grid in the city.

    Don't wait.

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    PH: 866-407-6527

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