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ABC SOLAR has been installing solar systems
since 2000. Most of our installation are
in Los Angeles and Southbay area.

From our many installations, here are some
example videos below.

After the Solar Chicken Song...

Don't become a SOLAR CHICKEN !

installting solar panels

Classic Videos by ABC SOLAR
This is HOW We Install Solar Systems

These videos show you how we install on various roofs.
Voice over by Brad Bartz, founder of ABC SOLAR.

Many many people learned installations from these.
They are old and the qualites of pictures and sounds are not great, but...

Spanish Roof
with Voice Over

Metal Pan Roof
with Voice Over

Concrete Shingle
without Voice Over

Comp Shingle
without Voice Over
Comp Shingle Roof
without Voice Over

Unique installation
without Voice Over
New Construction

Scilence (No Sound)

Community Videos   ABC SOLAR received an interview from City of Rancho Palos Verdes

Battery Installation Video   This video showes our LG Chem battery installation

More Installation Videos 1   Wood Shake Roof, Ground mount, Solar Awning, and others

More Installation Videos 2   Featuring Solar Thermal System installations

More Installation Videos 3   Revers tilt and other unique installations

Installation,Trouble shoot, Repair, Panel Cleaning

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