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Pasadena Solar Estate featuring LG Solar and Enphase Microinverters

The 26 LG Solar panels were fit like a tight tetris game to achieve two very important goals.
1. Fire access pathways for safety and 2, Not to be seen from the front of this picturesque home.
Achieved! With pleasure.

Reverse Tilt on the Roof

The reverse tilts by ABC Solar are low profile with just enough tilt to self-clean in the rain.

San Dimas Solar Estate featuring SolarWorld and SMA

The SMA Inverter is designed to turn a rock that makes electricity
to roll with the punches during a blackout. An emergency use circuit
allows the beer to stay cold in San Dimas, California!

Spanish Tile Solar Grid Tie in Newport Coast

This video shows how the roof presented itself, vents and all.
Our tape measures and minds busy fitting solar panels in like Tetris pieces.

Spanish Tile Solar (Short version of above)

Solar System on Spanish Tile Roof in beautiful Newport Coast sunset time.

Concrete Tile with Custom Flat Roof Solar

This ABC Solar custom designed and built solar electric grid tie system features
40 SolarWorld SW280 black framed solar panels connected to 40 SolarEdge
, DC/DC Optimizers and its parent DC/AC SolarEdge 11.4KW Inverter.

Classic Videos   Many many people learned Solar Installation from these videos!

Community Videos   ABC SOLAR received an interview from City of Rancho Palos Verdes

Battery Installation Video   This video showes our LG Chem battery installation

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More Installation Videos 2   Featuring Solar Thermal System installations

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