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PV and Thermal Systems

Canyon Country Solar Estate with solar PV and solar thermal

This system features 48 SolarWorld 285 solar panels and a SolarEdge
inverter with optimizers. The solar thermal hot water heating system
features Heliodyne and qualified for a huge solar cash rebate.

Solar Grid Tie and Solar Thermal Installation

Our team were presented with fitting the solar array on a roof that
has many angles and undefined boundaries between the two-unit townhome.
We invited the fire marshal of the local city to visit our installation in progress.
We needed to make sure we met his new ruleset for solar installations, namely
3 feet from bearing wall bottom and sides and 6 inches from ridge.
(just opposite of the rest of the state of California, but I know... roofs are different here...)

Solar Grid-Tie and Solar Thermal on Spanish Tile Roof

Featuring 32 SolarWorld 285 Watt Black on Black solar panels
and 2 Heliodyne closed-loop with glycol solar thermal collectors.
The system is backfeeding electricity to the SCE grid using a SMA
Sunnyboy SB7700-TL-US-22 grid-tie inverter WITH! emergency
power use 1500 watt AC plug.

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