Berman Solar Estate

- 3KW Grid-Tie Solar Electric System
This spectacular estate was featured in PV News, the Palos Verdes local newspaper. Read the article here.

Quoting the article, "Dr. David Berman's home may not look like anything special from the outside. Yes, the H-shaped abode is built differently than the typical 1950's rancho-style-homes of Rancho Palos Verdes, and there are a series of solar penels on the roof. But to casual passersby, it's just another house on the block..."

Tuxford Solar Beach House

- 3KW Grid-Tie Solar

24x Kyocera 130 watt solar electric panels with a Magnatek Inverter.

Mr Tuxford said this about his installation, "There is a real additional benefit, though, to having solar panels: that benefit is the satisfaction that you personally are doing something to fight global warming by using less energy from coal fired fossil fueled generating plants."

Brill Glass & Steel Solar Estate

4.28 Grid-Tie Solar and 1KW pool circulation

A modern steel and glass flat-roofed "pool house" designed by Grillias and Lau in 1955 is the location for an extensive solar installation by ABC Solar in 2007.

The solar installation is on the south-west corner of the one acre property, with an array of 32 Mitsubishi 165 watt electric panels in two rows mounted along the steel i-beams that act as an open-air cover for the pool. The solar panels are pointed south at a 15 degree tilt to achieve maximum summer solar production and to allow the panels to self-clean when it rains. Six of the solar panels are being routed to a DC Solar powered Pool pump that does the circulation and filtration for the pool. This 1.5HP DC pump will do 60 to 90 Gallons per minute during its solar production day.

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