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ABC Solar Incorporated was founded on the notion that America can be THE net energy producer for the world by the Government and the people adopting solar today.

This is happening, but America is the underdog.

The United States is 3rd, behind #1 Japan and #2 Germany in total deployment of solar photovoltaic systems. California is the lead state in pushing rebates and favorable code for fast installation of systems.

NEWS: Federal Energy Bill includes 30% tax credit (no cap) for commerical and residential solar (capped at $2000).

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We started our venture to take advantage of the convergence of state cash rebates and tax credits coupled with the lowering of wholesale prices for solar electric panels. We started this venture to make a profit by making energy.

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We provide these services:

  • Turnkey Installations
  • Complete Solar Kits
  • Design
  • Permits
  • Rebate Reservation processing
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    The Solar Rebate Process

  • Determine size of system you want
  • Fill multipage forms with i's and t's.
  • Sign retail sales agreement for equipment
  • Sign construction agreement
  • Submit and wait 90 days

    once you get your reservation you have 9 months to build your system.