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Solar Hot Tub

Solar Hot Tub Kit
(and pool heating)

Do It Yourself Install Kit.

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This Kit Includes:

  • 1. 75 watt Solar Electric Panel
  • 2. 12v DC Water Cirulation Pump
  • 3. 4' x 20' solar water panel
  • 4. 150' of black garden hose
  • 5. fittings


  • Put your hot tub anywhere
  • No SCE or GAS Company to worry about
  • Hot hot hot! One sunny day from tap water to 105 degrees in a 300 gallon tub.
  • This is GUILT-FREE hot tubbing.
  • Educational, fascinating and fun
    PDF Files
    Solar Hot Tub

  • 1. Solar Water Panel PDF File
  • 2. 12v Pump PDF
  • 3. Solar Electric Panel PDF File
  • 4. FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Rebate and more information (continued)

    PDF Files - Commercial Solar has a rebate too!
    Documents from SCE

  • Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) Fact Sheet
  • SGIP Reservation Request Form Instructions
  • Schedule D: Domestic Service
  • Schedule TOU-D-1: Time-of-Use Domestic
  • Rule 21: Generating Facility Interconnections
  • Rule 22: Direct Access

    Prior to September 21, 2001, all SCE customers had the opportunity to acquire their electric power needs under the following options. Those customers who elected Direct Access Service on and before September 20, 2001 can continue to receive such service. The Direct Access option is closed to all other SCE customers until such time the Commission may reinstate Direct Access as a service option.

    Merchant Generators

  • Transmission Owner Tariff
  • Wholesale Distribution Access Tariff

    Self-generation does not include "merchant generation" intended for sale in California's wholesale electricity market. To connect a merchant generating facility to SCE's electric grid, please review the Transmission Owner Tariff for interconnection at 220 kilovolts (kV) or above, or the Wholesale Distribution Access Tariff for lower voltages.

    EXTRA Material

  • Orientation - Is your roof facing the right direction?
  • CEC Report - Buying A Photovoltaic System
    28 pages of step by step "rules of the road" for Solar
  • Gov Report - Solar Market Research
    251 pages of text, charts and numbers. A real page turner!
  • Gov Report -Connecting To the Grid Manual
  • CEC Reservation Form
  • PG&E Self Generation Incentive Program Handbook
  • PG&E vs. CEC - You Be The Judge!
  • PG&E Application Process
  • You can heat your pool by adding more solar water panels.
    The 12v pumps can pump 20' high with the 75 watt solar panel. More power is needed if the hieght of the pumping is higher.
    Average flow is 4GPM.

    We realize a 10 to 20 degree rise in water temperature from source to outlet from the hose connected to the solar water panels.

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